OpenTNF Tracing System

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OpenTNF 0.3.2 Released
    kaelin - 2001-02-24 18:49
OpenTNF 0.3.1 Released
    kaelin - 2001-01-27 09:21
New Developer's Mailing List
    kaelin - 2001-01-17 08:08
OpenTNF 0.3.0 Released
    kaelin - 2001-01-13 21:38
Perforce Depot Moved
    kaelin - 2001-01-06 10:53
Perforce Depot at SourceForge
    kaelin - 2000-12-13 01:33
OpenTNF 0.1 Preview
    kaelin - 2000-12-02 00:13
Call for Reviewers
    kaelin - 2000-11-30 02:11

OpenTNF is a system-level tracing facility for capturing and presenting diagnostic information and performance metrics. To use OpenTNF, a developer first instruments one or more of the programs in a system with ``probes''. The system is then run under the control of the `trex' (TRace EXecution) command. Under trex control, data from the embedded probes is captured by the OpenTNF kernel subsystem. The `tnfdump' command may then be used to extract the captured data into a TNF (Trace Normal Form) file for subsequent analysis.

OpenTNF is currently available for the following platform:

  • Linux/Intel (kernel 2.2.x)

The OpenTNF project is seeking developers for ports to other platforms. Note that some expertise in kernel module or device driver development for the target platform is required. Other contributions are also welcome. Email the developers if you're interested in pitching in.

The current (Alpha) release of OpenTNF is available from our project page on SourceForge.

Updated:  16 January 2001 by kaelin